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Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 Slide-shows for Your Viewing Pleasure

A week ago, Kristen and I planned to take the kids to Zoinks. Well, as we got there we were warned that an elementary school was about to descend. So we decided that we didn't want our kids to be trampled by an entire school and headed out to the rest of the shopping center to occupy our time.

We explored Fresh Market and had TONS of free samples of lovely dried fruit and berries. The kids were given gourmet cookies... and all-in-all we were fed enough to push off lunch time so that we could head to Steinmart as well.

And it was here that we had a little photo-shoot. Enjoy!

And on to slide-show number two...
Here are pictures that I've taken this week. For the family blog, I'm just focusing on the pictures that tell what we've been up to recently. Remember to check out my photography blog to see pictures that I'm really working with.

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Hannah said...

The pictures of Gideon telling a story were great! I wish I could have been there to hear that story. It looks very involved! :)

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