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Sunday, May 17, 2009

You Have to Begin Somewhere

For the past year, as I have imagined my role of supporting JR, emotionally (and possibly financially) through getting his MDiv, I have seen myself doing "whatever jobs were needed" to bring in income. In my imagination I saw myself teaching children's theatre, working on various projects with my contacts at Harding, selling some "Montages"... but nothing was really getting me excited or motivated.

I recognized within myself a "martyr attitude" in my approach to the next few years. You know what I'm talking about... that, "I'm working hard for "us" while you pursue YOUR dream." I'm not proud of this. I'm confessing that I had that attitude.

However, over the past several weeks, a new plan is churning and gaining momentum in my imagninings.

I have always been intrigued by photography. My stageing and lighting background from theater have already trained my eye to a certain degree. But I always thought that getting the right equipment was a big step. And it is.

When Naomi knocked my camera out of my hand several weeks ago, I saw it as a change to get a good camera since we were going to have to replace our fine camera. And the wheels started turning. Working on photography--honing those skills-- gives me something to be working towards as well as possibly bringing in income for my family. I could be doing something I enjoy instead of just "getting through" the years of JR's schooling.

I ask you to join me in praying about this business endeavor. I know that it will take some time to learn the art of photography... so I'm not naive enough to think that I'll start making a full-time, money-making business out of this in August when we move to Searcy. But I crave your prayer support.

I have ordered a new camera. It, hopefully, will be here in time for Gideon's birthday. (Keep your fingers crossed.) The plan right now is to take as many pictures as I can this summer to build up my skills. (So if I'll be around you this summer and you want a free photo session, let me know.) When I move to Searcy, I'll have access to the different photo-editing programs and will be able to work with a variety of them before I buy some of my own.

I (because this is what I do) have created a new blog to start getting constructive criticism on my photos. Check it out. There is a link on the right. It'll also be a place where I play around with branding. (You will be able to leave your comments about that as well.) :)

My prayer is that if photography is going to be a good business for me and my family, that God will bless my learning curve and opportunities. If this will not be a good fit for my family, I pray He shows me early on in the process.

Thanks for praying with me.


Tiffany said...

I'm so excited for you! Tater and I will be in town the second week of June and every aspiring photographer needs some ugly pug pictures in her portfolio. Seriosuly, though, we'd love to have you practice on us so we can have some nice pictures to send Daddy while he's deployed. I'm not sure we're your dream subjects, but it would be fun if nothing else!

David, Deborah and Abigail said...

That sounds like a great idea. We did a bit of that with David's pictures when we lived in Tampa. He is really into photography as well but doesn't get much time for it as he would like. He uses a web site called treklens which lets you post your pictures and other amature photographers can comment on them. You might find it useful in developing your skills. It funny as I have been trying to think of ways for you to help your income as well. We were in a similar situation when we lived in Tampa (but without kids). I sold homemade greeting cards and did regular childminding (which would mean that you could stay home with your kids). I am sure that it will all work out.

emily said...

i think this is a great idea... i just replied to your comment on my blog, so i won't repeat myself here. you are right in that building up your skills by taking a ton of pictures is a good place to start. :) and we as moms already have that in our nature, so you are ready to go!!! i'm excited for you! brian and i both love photography, though he is much more into the technical side of things. i'll be praying for you in your new journey! :)