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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Big 3-Year-Old

Three years have gone by quickly. Three years ago, Gideon looked like this:
Two years ago, Gideon looked like this:

And last year:

And this year:(story to follow)

He is getting so big.

I mean, right now he's going through a testing phase, but he's still an amazing kid. Here are some of my favorite Gideonisms.

* His nickname for me is "Georgia". I don't know where it came from, but I think it's adorable.
* He is often heard saying, "actually" and "it's kinda' (l)ike...".
* This kid LOVES to play with his daddy. Lately they have been playing "Airport" (which is G's bed). They go on amazing journeys to outerspace and beyond.
* Every prayer includes thanking God for Madison and Hudson. (usually multiple times)
* Gideon is great about taking care of people and animals.

I'm sure I will think of many more things that I'll want to remember about G at this stage.

But for now, JR and I are thankful for our growing boy. He is everything we ever hoped for in a son. And we are so proud of him.

Here's a run-down of his 3rd Birthday.

7:15-- Gideon BURST forth from his bedroom and hi-tailed it to Grandma's room where he got to watch "Pinocchio" while Debby got ready.

8:15-- G requested pancakes for breakfast.

9-- Hudson came over for his usual Wednesday visit. But Madison was with them on her way to preschool and sang "Happy Birthday".

10:45-- While getting ready for his special lunch with Daddy, G somehow managed to miss jumping up on the toilet, and instead, landed in the trash basket.

11-- Chick-fil-A ("on Appalachee") with Daddy.

12-- Back home for some more playing.

2:31-- Momma kissed G's nose just like she did for the first time 3 years earlier.

3:30-- Baked cookies.

4:15--Grated cheese.

5:45-- Family dinner of requested "BAKED" mac and cheese and BBQ chicken.

6:30-- Blew out candles on cookie.

6:40-- Opened presents that have arrived in the mail.

6:45-- Played with all the new stuff.

7:15-- REQUESTED a bath.

7:30-- cuddle time

8-- Bed

(That's a full day for a 3 yr. old!)

Enjoy the slide show!

I get my new camera on Friday!, so that is when I'll take his more formal "3 Year" Portraits.


Carris Family said...

Happy Birthday Gideon!!
How is it possible our babies our turning three? I thought it was hysterical Gideon and his Daddy play Airplane...cause that's Zoe and Rob's game too. They put the covers over their heads and take off for wild adventures.

Kelli said...

happy birthday to my adorable nephew! i can't wait to see you and give you hugs!

Katherine said...

We have a little man in our house who chooses Chick-fil-A for his special meals, too! :) Can't believe he's already 3! I remember holding him in the hospital when he was just a couple of days old!
Happy birthday!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Sorry to be late, but happy birthday to my favorite three-years-and-one-day-old!