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Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Next Chapter

..."He's always been faithful to us."...

These were the parting lyrics JR and I recorded for our wedding. What a fitting way to begin our journey as newly-weds.

God continues to be faithful. He has provided us with children, jobs, family, friends... And we are truly blessed. In our wildest dreams we could not have predicted getting pregnant on the honeymoon, a pregnancy without insurance, JR quitting his job, moving to Florida, being introduced to the Dave Ramsey way of thinking, paying off the bills from our first child as we welcomed his (insured) little sister, being debt-free, and now... JR's calling to get his Masters of Divinity.

And God's gracious, loving hand guided everything.

So now on to the next chapter in our lives as we continue Growing Together...

This summer JR is signed up for another intensive class and this fall he will be a full-time grad student at HUGSR. At some point (most likely August so JR can keep pulling in a pay-check as long as possible) we will move our family to Searcy, AR.

"What will you be doing?" you ask.

Good question.

God will provide.

"Where will you be living?" you ask.

Good question!

God will provide.

"How will you pay for school and living?" you ask.

Good question!

God will provide!

"He's always been faithful to us."

JR and I have been praying about his calling and what it means for our family since last summer. And one day a few weeks ago Gideon and I were watching "Gideon, the Tuba Warrior." The first story on the DVD is about George Müller.

When the story was over I immediately called JR and told him to look him up on the internet. JR was captivated by Müller's faith.

Since reading about the gift of faith God gave George Müller, we have been made aware that our struggles with trying to line things (ie: jobs, housing, ect...) up for JR to pursue his calling full-time was really us lacking faith that God will take care of us. (I am NOT making a blanket-statement about planning for the future equaling a lack of faith.)

For us, we believe that God is telling us to let go of the things we think we need to control.

For us, this is another area that we are being called to place entirely in God' more than capable hands.

"So what does this look loke for your family?" you ask.

Good question.

Follow our blogs and watch God at work. He does amazing things!

1 comment:

Katherine said...

What an amazing step of faith you are taking! I'm so excited for you guys as you begin this new chapter. Ben and I have done our share of steps of faith, and you know . . . God DOES provide! What an exciting and humbling place to be!
We'll be praying for you guys. :)