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Saturday, July 29, 2006

From Florida...

Well, we just got our internet set up today, here in Florida. We moved down here on Monday after a surprisingly successful journey. We were met at our new place by several men from Meridan Woods church of Christ. Those guys had us all moved in and our huge bed set up in 2 hrs. We couldn't have been more grateful.

We are getting used to life down here. One of the cool things we did on Wednesday was take Gideon swimming for the first time. (here are your pics)

Here's what he looks like when he's done swimming.

But the most important milestone that we took a picture of is...

We are getting to know our new town. And now that we have internet, I will be posting regularly. (stay tuned for pics of JR in his new suit on his first day of work Aug. 1)

OH, and we are getting new cell phones soon, so keep your eyes open for the updates (which will come via e-mail to avoid all those "blog-stockers" out there) :) (Hi, Sharkie!)



Kelli said...

that is such an awesome picture of him smiling!! we miss him already (and you guys too). :) glad to see you settling in well down there. love to you!

Sharkie said...

If i leave a comment am I still considered a blog-stalker?

The Sheets said...

No... you're now no longer on our "blog-stocker" list. Send me an e-mail and I'll even add you to the "friend" list. (Anne has my address.)


Anne said...

dude... she doesn't stock your blog, she stalks it. :P