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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tate oo, Momma!

Naomi thanks me for handing her things about 65% of the time unprompted. She will not say thank you if I'm just trying to get her to repeat me. I have to actually do something for her. :)

Today at lunch I handed her her juice cup and walked back to the kitchen to grab my lunch as she said, "Tate oo." I praised her for her good manners and sat down beside her.

Then, she pulls the juice cup from her lips, and rather loudly proclaims, (all the while making direct eye-contact with me) "Tate oo, Momma!"

Her first sentence. Deliberate. Appropriate.

I was astonished.

She uses several other words correctly. (ie. all done, bye-bye, uh-oh, Momma, gentle, baby, and thank you) But now she has combined words.

She is officially a genius in my book.

We are in preparations for her first birthday celebration this coming Saturday (Jan. 31). My floor is covered in hot pink glitter. (you can take the girl out of the theatre, but you can't make her give up glitter) I've got my guest list all RSVPed, shopping lists made for the yummy cakes and cupcakes... Gideon has picked out Naomi's present...

We are good to go.

I can't believe that this year has already gone by so fast.

(oh, and it's G's 32nd monthabirthday today.)

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