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As a family of servants of God, we seek to Glorify Him by offering our lives as living sacrifices, being intentional about engaging people with Christ and the Gospel, and using the talents and training He has given us through grace to proclaim the Gospel of Grace to those near and far.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Naomi's First Birthday Party

To view this bigger (and slower), click on the "scrapblog". It will take you to my scrapblog page. Select "View Full Screen". At the bottom there is a turtle and a rabbit. This will allow you to adjust the speed of the slideshow as well as view it full screen.


Nicole McIntyre said...

It doesn't love me and won't let me watch it. Or it could be the lack of password.

JRandDaisha said...

Nikki--I forgot to set the scrapblog as "public". I have fixed it now.


Nicole McIntyre said...

Adorable stuff! I love the strawberry glasses! Too cute. And love the scrapblog slide show. May have to look into that.