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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Conversation with Gideon

The past few months, Gideon has been commenting on communion as we pass the emblems.

A few months ago, I told him that the bread represents Jesus' body and the juice represents Jesus' blood. So, for the past few weeks, that's what he tells me when they are passed around.

Today the conversation went like this:

Gideon: That's Jesus' body.

Me: Yes. It is.

Gideon: Can I have some?

Me: When you are old enough, your daddy and I pray that you decide to follow Jesus, are baptized, and make him Lord of your life. Then you can share some of his Body.

Gideon: Like Daddy?

Me: Yes. Like Daddy.

Gideon: Yeah! (pause) Like you?

Me: Uh-huh.

Gideon: Like "Nanna"?

Me: Yup.

Gideon: Like Madison?

Me: Well, her mommy and daddy pray that she makes the choice to live for Jesus too. We pray for all of you: You, Naomi, Madison, and Hudson, that you give your lives to Jesus.

Gideon: (smiling) OH, ok.

I guess I could have just told him to be quiet... that people were trying to concentrate on what Jesus did for them... but somehow, I think that our conversation didn't bother anyone.

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April said...

I'm positive that your conversation could not possibly have bothered anyone! How else will they learn unless we answer those loaded questions right when and where they are asked. I'm so very glad you took full advantage of the moment and the opportunity to share such a special conversation with your son. Precious.