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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Little Girl

So I don't know if it's because she's the second child or if it's because having the camera handy means that Gideon will constantly be playing with it... or if it's that we don't have the same kind of access to internet, or that I'm watching more than just her, but I feel like Naomi is getting overlooked on the blog (and sometimes, during the day).

I cannot describe the love I have for her. I'm already so proud of her. She is lovely in personality and person. She has a ready smile and inquisitive nature. Naomi is determined (which I may not find all that charming at times in the future) and works hard to achieve whatever goal she has set for herself. I know it sounds weird to say that about her already, but if she has a target in sight, she reaches it.

Most mornings she wakes up laughing. I mean, literally, laughing. And when she sees me she busts open in a huge grin that takes over her entire face.

She LOVES Gideon. If he is playing with cars, she wants to be playing with cars. If he is watching Elmo or Steve, she is focused on Elmo or Steve.

Yesterday, for some reason, Gideon was telling her NO and wagging his finger at her. She dejectedly rested her head on her folded arms and refused to look up. It was really pitiful.

I love to hear her laugh. She finds the cutest things to laugh at. She always laughs when she sees her reflection. And Debby got her a "Love Bug" that makes a funny noise that never ceases to amuse her.

She is the easiest baby to put down at night. We lay her in bed, tell her it's time to sleep and a few minutes later, she's sound asleep.

I guess I feel like she gets overlooked because she is so low-maintenance. She's not as demanding of my time as Gideon is. So I have to make sure that I'm intentional about making time for just her. And I do that gladly.

Naomi, I love you so much! I couldn't have dreamed of having a better daughter.


Jessicca said...

So sweet Daisha. She's lucky to have such a great mom. Will we be meeting her at the big HA reunion? Hope to meet the whole fam for that matter.

Carris Family said...

It is fun to hear about Naomi! She seems like such a doll. I often neglect our newest little one on the blog too, I make up for it though by spoiling him with attention at home. Molly C.