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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back To School...

Jr here. Daisha wanted me to post about this on our family blog, so I cut and paste what I put on my own blog on this one.
I was accepted into Harding University Graduate School of Religion (HUGSR) and I am officially registering for my first course to take this fall. It will be a one-week intensive course. It is one of those courses that is a requirement in the beginning of a collegiate career and it is called "Advanced Theological Research". Lots of library research and papers to do. It will be good to get this one out of the way (not said to diminish the course at all) before I proceed on to the Spring semester and start taking more of the 84 credit-hours that are required for this M.Div degree.

We (my wife, my son, my daughter and I) will remain in Tallahassee, FL for the time being; but a move up north to the Memphis-Searcy area will occur anytime from January to July of 2009. We're still trying to fit many pieces together before relocating; but it will happen. For now, I'll do this intensive and on-line thing (though I can't wait to get into a classroom and go full time).

It was tough to choose a focus for the degree and I was deliberating between focusing on Systematic Theology or Homiletics. I'm going with Systematic Theology. I hope that is the right choice. I wish I could choose 4 more focuses! Apologetics, Global Missions, Old Testament, New Testament would be those four. Of course, then I would be in school forever. But man, I really don't like having to choose only one focus, though I know that I will take bits and pieces of each of those other choices during the degree.

Anyway, I've already ordered my books and received the readings for this first course. I have to get cookin' on the readings since I have to send in completed assignments in about 6 weeks before heading up to Memphis in October for a week on campus for the "in-person" portion of the course. I'm looking forward to that a lot.

Man, I can't believe I'm going back to school!



Kim Hodges said...

Wow! Congrats! Glad you have a few months before you have to move.

Tiffany said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! (All of you!)