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Monday, August 18, 2008

Help Out Our Friend!

All call! Take part in a pretty cool study!

We have a friend (yes, we have a friend) here in Tallahassee that is completing his final thesis project at FSU. His name is Forrest. The study has to do with website aesthetics and your effort in all of this will require just 15 minutes of your time and a few points and clicks. It's actually quite an interesting study. It does require registration but it is a very quick and relatively generic registration process (you don't share specifics on address, phone or any financial information at all); It's just the type of information like age, sex, location; the sort of stuff you see in studies.

Please follow the link below and take part in this study! Additionally, you may enter "jranddaisha@gmail.com" in the "Who referred you" box during registration. Thanks for helping him out!

Link to study (and turn on your speakers for the video directions that will play):


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