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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You get another vote...

Elisheva would be pronounced: eh-LISH-eh-vah

Micaiah would be pronounced: mi-KAY-eh (a possible nickname would be Caiah)

Remember: Maxine was a shared name from both of our deceased grandmothers.

Feel free to leave your own suggestions.



Tiffany said...

I'm still parital to Naomi, but of the two new contenders, I like Machaiah. And I think you have a neat shared grandmother name, so that's a nice touch.

Kim Hodges said...

She's your little girl! Who cares what anyone else thinks her name should be?

Perhaps that stems from my high school issue of if someone didn't think like I did, my first response wasn't "What's wrong with me?" but rather, "What's wrong with you?" :)

Or maybe it's just that I knew I wouldn't handle it very well if someone told me they didn't like the name I was considering for my own child.

(btw, I like Naomi.) :)

Jill said...

Yeah!! I'm so excited that you are having a girl :). Gideon will be a great protective big brother!

Anne said...

As your poll indicates Micaiah Elizabeth is the most agreeable out of what's been proffered but as you've asked for opinions, I vote for keep thinking.

Daisha Sheets said...

I think someone has come in and tried to sway the vote. For the whole week Elisheva was by far the least favored... and now??? I smell a sabatour.