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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New'by is a...

Well, folks... you voted (actually, 41 of you did). 17% of you think we are having a boy. 56% think we are having a girl. 24% think we're having a boy but hope we're having a girl. And a whopping ONE person thinks it's a girl and hopes it's a boy.

New'by is a GIRL.

She is active and strong. However there is some concern about one of her measurements that can be an indication of Downs Syndrome. Since only one thing (out of many) seemed to indicate that, we aren't TOO worried. However, we are still going to be praying that she is healthy and "normal". We have another (more diagnostic) ultrasound at 11:30 on Friday. So we should have a better idea after that.

We were hoping to have a name to post with her gender, but we are still vacillating and discussing. We found a new name today that we are throwing in the mix.

If you have any suggestions, we are open to them. We want her to have a biblical name. And since both of our deceased grandmother's shared the name Maxine, we are seriously considering using it as a middle name. So... suggest away. (we may or may not use your suggestions, so don't get your hopes up that we will name our baby girl on the advice of blogstalkers :P)

That's the news for now. For the 80% of you who wanted us to have a girl... you're welcome. :)

Doesn't she look like she's growing into her nose a little better?
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Janay said...

Congrats! So happy you were able to learn the gender -- nice to know your daughter is already cooperative! ;)

I'll be praying all the more for little Newb'y.

Michael and Hannah said...

Congratulations!!! I love having a boy and a girl! You crack me up with all the gender-determination-anticipation. I was the same way... couldn't sleep the night before! There is a major trend at Southside right now to be surprised and not find out. It drives me insane, becaue I do not handle suspense well. I think Kevin Wooten brainwashes everyone who travels through the campus ministry to think this way. Kevin is always saying, "If God wanted us to know, there would be a window in the womb." Hello! It's called an ultrasound! Glad you didn't keep me waiting (since this is all about me!).

Will be praying that all future ultrasounds show no reason to worry. Sorry you're having to stress about that. Hope you get some comfort at your next appointment.

Katie J. said...

I am so excited you are having a girl!! I jumped up and down when I found out. I actually voted twice for a girl. :) I think whatever name she has, she will wear it well. I know you guys will teach her to love herself and her God! Congratulations!!!

Katherine said...

Congrats on your sweet girl. I can't wait to hear the name -- I wish I had some suggestions, but I'm totally stumped by girl names myself right now.

Carris Family said...

Yeah a girl! Congratulations! I imagine it is only a matter of time until you purchase her - her first tiara.

I hope your excitement hasn't been overshadowed by the concern regarding some of her measurements. Rob and I will be praying for you and the health of your growing family, and that God will provide peace as you await the results of your diagnostic ultrasound. Molly

Kim Hodges said...

Yea! Have fun shopping in the overwhelminly huge GIRL section of the stores vs. the sad, small boy sections you've been used to. Pink is fun!

Praying Friday goes perfectly.