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Friday, August 4, 2006

Play Time

Yesterday, after crashing from playing in the pool, Gideon woke up in the best mood. When I went in his room and leaned over to kiss him, his face errupted in the biggest smile. We went into the living room and I arranged his Boppy around him so he could watch me fold laundry. I wish I had captured how smiley he was... but I was enjoying them so much that I missed getting them with the camera.
This was when he noticed that Star Trek TNG was on. (it was also followed by a big smile)
After I was done with the folding, Gideon played on the floor with me. His Great Aunt Diane gave us a transportation themed floor quilt. Gideon seemed to enjoy the different textures on it.

And this was really the first time that he enjoyed "playing" with his toys. We have some colored blocks. The green one vibrates. You should see his face when I put it on his tummy. :)

Gideon is smiling and responding to the world around him more every day. I forgot to mention that on Wednesday, on our way to church, he was getting fussy. (We woke him up and put him in his seat and he hadn't eaten yet.) But when I showed him his bottle, he smiled as if to say, "Yes, Mother. I want to be fed. It's nice to know you're paying attention."

Today we went in search of a Bumbo (like cousin Rachel's). But the Target I went to only had pink and a girly green color. (I'm holding out for Blue or Lime.) So the people there told me that they had arranged for the other Target in town to have the last Lime Bumbo held at Customer Service for me. I got directions and headed out.

And got lost. (Well, upon my return home, and JR's on-line search, I found out that I had been close. But I was also getting closer to Georgia than I wanted to be, so I turned around and made my way home.)

After dinner tonight, while I was getting Gideon to sleep, JR headed out to get the Bumbo. But when he got there, the Bumbo they had for us was turquoise. (I don't want turquoise either.) So... we still have no Bumbo. Which is a shame. Gideon LOVES to sit up and see what's going on. As soon as I get one (in LIME or BLUE) ;) then I think my day may be easier... at least dinner time and making dinner.

Well, I guess that's all for now.
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Katherine said...

What a big boy Gideon is being! It is so neat when they start becoming social and so intereted in everything going on around them! :) Nelson loved sitting up to watch what was going on, too. We have a walker (yes, I know they're horrible -- but he can't move it on the carpet and we inherited it from his cousin so we didn't have to buy an exersaucer), and as soon as he was big enough to not slide out the leg holes, we put him in it. HE LOVED IT (still does, in fact).

Just beware the tv -- we let Nelson watch some of the NCAA basketball tournament, and he's been addicted to sports ever since (he's practically broken his neck trying to watch the tv when we've been changing his diapers in the floor). If you let Gideon start with sci fi now . . . .

He is so cute in that picture -- he's probably thinking "those idiots, if they'd just listen to Captain Picard to start with they wouldn't be in this mess!" :)

Hope you find an appropriately colored Bumbo soon!

Tiffany said...

Let me know if you still can't find one by the end of the month and I'll check the Target here and will bring it with me when I head back to town.

(That was a really badly written sentence, since the antecedent to "it" was actually "the Target here." Just for the record, I will NOT be bringing that back with me. Just the manly-colored Bumbo.)

Kim Hodges said...

Ah, the Bumbo. Probably the coolest baby thing that has come out since Johnathan was born. We'll be on the lookout for one soon, too! I, however, will be looking for all those girly colors. :)

Kerri said...

Daisha- You don't know me...I am one of Kelli's friends. Just wanted to tell you if you can't find a bumbo in a local store, you can order them online (I know ebay has them). And sometimes they are even cheaper. =) By the way, Gideon is adorable! Isn't being a mommy so much fun?