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Thursday, August 3, 2006

"You're freezing me out, Momma!"

Yesterday I had to go to Target and get Gideon a hoodie. For the first two months of his life we were little polar bears together. We froze JR out of our apartment. And we loved living in the icebox of Rockland Village Drive.

But now we have moved to Florida. We keep the apartment here about 5 degrees WARMER than we did in Virginia. And NOW my boy has decided to be cold.

So, to keep him from being cold and cranky... I've introduced him to the wonderful world of hoodies. (I have two for him to grow into. In fact, before I was telling anyone I was pregnant, I bought a camo hoodie. But it's still a little big.)

OH... and today we went on our first Mother-Son play-date. The mothers from Meridan Woods met at a really cool pool close to our apartment. I took Gideon expecting that we'd be there no more than 30 min. But Gideon is always surprising. He LOVES to watch kids playing. And we were at the pool for almost 2 hrs. (don't worry, we weren't in the sun that whole time)

So now, my little extroverted swimmer is beat, and sleeping soundly in his room. (peace and quiet... and internet time for me.)


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1 comment:

Katherine said...

He's just too cute! And he looks so grown up in that hoodie. :)
Good thing he likes the water, what with you guys living in Florida and all. Maybe that's why he's so cold now -- he is adjusting to the oppressive southern heat!