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Monday, August 7, 2006

I can't believe I'm a mom

So, I'm having a "I-can't-believe-I'm-a-mom" day. Eventhough last night I was awake more than usual... eventhough I had a paralized shoulder from holding my son in bed to get him to go back to sleep... eventhough his schedule is totally off today... BEING A MOM IS A BLESSING. Here's the picture that JR took as he was getting ready for work this morning. I had just moved Gideon from my arms, where he'd been for 2 hrs. The good thing is, once I moved him to this position, we were able to sleep until 8:45.

We got up and things were going according to the schedule we've been working on since moving to Florida. After we both ate breakfast, we played on the floor. But I think I wore him out too much. He was kicking the ball on the jungle-gym with great gusto. All the activity made him hungry and sleepy.

So at 11 he went down for his 12 o'clock nap. Then JR came home. And, to make sure that Gideon was breathing, JR shook him, or something. (not shaken baby or anything like that)

But as soon as JR walked out the door to return to work, guess who woke up. That's right... Gideon. Instead of the normal 4-4.5 hrs. I can usually count on to get things done, I now had a child who was wide awake.

So I had to adapt my schedule (which really means moving my shower). We were awake, eating, and then playing. Since I still don't have a Bumbo (which I need to get at Target b/c I need to use the gift card I have) I ghetto-rigged a seat for Gideon to sit in while I folded his clean clothes. (the above is a picture of him)

And, like normal, I enjoyed all his smiles and THEN went to get my camera.

But after he was done playing (I didn't even get to finish folding all the laundry, let alone cook the chicken for JR's lunches) he was fussy. FOR 2 HOURS. (I blame JR for waking him up early.)

And yet, through the fussiness, being off schedule, interrupting my plans for the day, and my un-showered body... Being a mother is a joy. I look at his face (whether smiling, drooling, or screaming) and I am filled with love like I had never imagined.

Well, that's all for now. If I'm quick I can catch a shower. And it looks like grocery shopping will have to be a family event this evening.


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Kim Hodges said...

Ha ha! Isn't it great?? Someone told me before I had kids that the greatest accomplishment of a mother is taking a shower. I thought that was ridiculous ... until Johnathan came along. I can't imagine the adventures that lie ahead when Kalleigh arrives!

Family shopping--hee hee--we'll be family registering tonight for Kalleigh's baby shower!

d. bills said...

Hey Daisha!! Your little Gideon is precious. Ah, the no-shower days...I remember one day when I was so desperate to get a shower that I took Joshua's baby bathtub into the shower with me, put it up on the ledge (it was a garden tub/shower combo) and sang to him while I was taking a shower! For some reason though, he wasn't too thrilled with getting sprayed in the face every time I rinsed my hair! Oh my, you have so many more adventures to come. Keep blogging about them--that HAS to be good therapy!

The Emersons said...

great story daisha, and i'm glad you're enjoying your son so much...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hold that darling baby Grandson again! Glad you are all adjusting and enjoying Forida. Looks like that is just the right place for you!

Miss and Love you, Grandma S