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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Family Play-time

"Up-side-down Daddy!"

Last night we had tons of fun with Gideon. JR and Gideon wrestled. (You should see Gideon pin his dad... ok, so it looks like he's just laying on his chest, but he's really pinning him... I promise) :)

Gideon "bellying up to the bar" to order his next bottle.

Aww... don't you just love pictures of dads loving on their babies? And, in this picture, Gideon looks SO much like JR's baby pictures.

Every day we get to experience new things with Gideon.

I have forgotten to post several things. So here they come...

1. About 2 weeks ago, as JR and I were checking on Gideon before going to be ourselves, we noticed a little activity that our son really excels at. We call it the "Pooty Scoot". This move is really defined by the sounds that accompany it.

2. Also, around the same time, we started putting Gideon to be before he was totally out and letting him fall asleep on his own. He has been doing really well at this. The longest he has cried so far (and I hope I don't jinks it) is 20 min.

3. I am loving his new sleep schedule. He still takes pretty good naps, but his night routine is just to my liking. He goes to bed anywhere from 9 to 10. He has one feeding in between 4 and 5 am and then we sleep until 8:30 to 9:30. Yes, that's right... With my 3 mon. old child, I am still able to sleep in. Most days we get up at 9. (yeah, Gideon)

4. My child is carrying on conversations with me. Yesterday, as he was sitting on my lap for our morning chat, I asked him what he was doing. His response: "I'mbeein'goo" No lie. It sounded just like he said "I'm being good" without enunciating. COMPLETE SENTENCES!!

And now... today, he demonstrated that he knows sign language. This is how he says, "I love you."

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Kelli said...

he's so advanced. ;) i love the picture of him at the bar. and like you said in your comment on my blog, it's so great to see pictures because they are growing so fast!!

Anne said...

I like the first picture where he's pretending to be a bat... seriously the last one... you wish!

Anonymous said...

I keep looking at these pictures to calm me down!


Anonymous said...

FYI, I spend a great deal of time blog stalking this blog. It is great! Raisin is so cute! It just makes me smile to see such a happy baby and to see his parents enjoy him so much. The upside down picture is my favorite.

-The Blog Stalker

Kim Hodges said...

What sweet pics! I loved interpreting what Johnathan was saying as an infant. He has a stuffed bear named "Babado" simply because I asked what he wanted to name him, and he told me so! He was just a few months old. :)

Tiffany said...

Yeah, I cna't decide between the bar or the upside down picture as my favorite.

And for any skeptics out there, I saw him hold the bottle with my own eyes on Wednesday. He really can!