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Sunday, August 27, 2006

3rd Monthabirthday Part I

Gideon is now 3 months old. I can't believe it! He's growing and changing every day.
Last night he held his own bottle for the first time. (and we didn't just take this picture and then he dropped it... I took pictures from (literally) every angle and he held it for at least 5 min.)
And he's even walking around corners. (Well, so this one was staged, but it's still way cute.) :)

I'm sorry that I didn't blog as much this week as I had been. We were out of power and water in our apt. Thurs and Friday. (communication problems with our apt. complex)

But now I'm back on line, and next week will see more regular posts.

Gideon is not walking yet, but he is smiling, laughing, playing, and pretending to carry on conversations. He is so much fun.

He is even learning how to mind us. For example: When he screams for no reason, we tell him to stop. He usually does. We even surprised the pants off of the couple we were eating lunch with today when that happened. But we think it's important to start teaching Gideon NOW how to control himself. (so far, it's working)

The post below is a continuation of this one. Don't skip it. :)
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Anonymous said...

Just when I thought he couldn't possibly get any cuter, smarter, more athletic or more charming . . . well, there you go. Just shows how doting Gigis can underestimate their grandsons!

Love you all! Keep up the good work!


RPorche said...

JR and Daisha--

Thanks for commenting on my blog. JR, you're going to have to "familiarize me" with the album you chose.

Gideon is looking awesome. The picture of him standing in the doorway is crazy--is he really that big now? I mean, he was just born for crying out loud!

Cheryl said...

The picture of Gideon "walking around the corner" is too cute! It was clearly staged with much talent because it looks very real (with the exception of having a few too many fingers!) :)

Tiffany said...

Daisha -
I'm back in town (though I will be gone Saturday through Tuesday again). Give a call sometime beacuse I'd love to hang some more with you and the incredible corner-walking baby!

Anne said...

The Mini-Me picture kinda freaks me out :|