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Monday, July 31, 2006

Some more Florida!

Ahh... I love the palm trees and the blue sky! ... and my wife and boy... of course...

Gideon chillin' with his sunglasses on...

A thunderhead was approaching and I got some great shots of God's beautiful handywork.

Anyway, we are enjoying it down here. I (Jr) start work tomorrow and I'm looking forward to this exciting challenge. We went to church yesterday (Meridian Woods Church of Christ) and the family there is great (about 250 members). They are currently in a preacher-search so it's nice we will be a part of that. Of course, Mike Tune at Falls Church CoC will be hard to match. Man I miss that guy! We also attended the young families class last night and it was followed by a provided meal by the ladies. Good times had by all. Gideon is getting loved on by the multitudes. He doesn't seem to mind all that much. :)

We went out to lunch with some peeps after the morning assembly and managed to spend only 10-bucks at a Mexican restaurant because Daisha and I split a Fajita lunch. Portion size ladies and gents, portion size. I'm also on a diet. I'm keeping a meal diary and I'm running at least 20 minutes a day around the neighborhood (which at times is insanely hot and humid). I've already lost about 7 pounds since the move. I started at 217 and am currently at 210 and want to get to about 200. I think that's good for me and my size.

Anyway, that's all for now. Daisha is ironing my suit for tomorrow as I'm typing this... she's a great wife like that.

Oh and I hope to get me, Daisha, and Gideon down to the Gulf this Saturday for some beach fun. It's only about a 30 mile drive south of us. Awesome.

Ok, love ya'll... Sheets out.

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Anonymous said...

My Gideon looks sooooo cool! I miss him, and you guys, soooo much! It looks like you are really enjoying the life down there. Hugs and kisses to Gideon!

Love, Grandma S