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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

JR"s First Day of Work

As promised... here are the pics of JR as he left for work this morning. (hot stuff, huh?)
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Katherine said...

It looks like you guys are enjoying Florida so far. :) We're glad to hear that you're settling in, getting plugged-in at church, and enjoying the sunshine! Thanks for posting so many pictures, too -- I can't believe how big Gideon is getting -- he has changed so much since the last time we saw you guys.

Oh - and I think it's too funny that you already have all your special stuff on the front of your fridge -- when we move, that's usually when I finally think, "okay, NOW we're home".

Tiffany said...

Very classy! And not a wrinkle to be seen on the suit -- recently ironed by a dutiful wife, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Awesome son-in-law!!! Lookin' good in the suit!!!


Daniel said...

Way Cool, GQ, and Stylin--or whatever is appropriate
Papa Dan

Anne said...

i like the tie.