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Friday, July 21, 2006

Misc. Info...

Well... we are well under way with our packing. Mom DID try to take Gideon with her. (as evidenced by the pic)

And Gideon has a new toy, which he enjoys.
And yesterday, Rachel and Gideon had a photo-shoot at JCPenney. They were both very cute. Kelli has the proof sheet, or I'd manage to put something up here about them.

And then today Gideon had his 2 mon. apt. (he'll be 8 weeks tomorrow). He is 10 lbs. 1.8 oz. and 23 inches long. His weight puts him in the 30% and height, he is in the 70%. (so we have a tall, skinny kid) Definately gets that from JR, not me. :)

I probably won't be able to post again until we get to FL. But we have our address down there now. If you e-mail us, I'll send it to you.


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