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Monday, July 17, 2006

Meeting Aunt Claudia, Packing, Showers, and Such

Time is rushing past as we prepare for our move THIS Sunday.

To help us, my mom and my sister came up last Thursday night. This was also Claudia's first chance to meet Gideon.
She took him on walks. And, since she is a speech pathologist, she is making sure that he is on track with language development.

Friday was a whirlwind of packing. And, much to my surprise, over half of the apt. was packed then. (Stockstill women know how to pack.)

Saturday there were several things going on: JR's "Farewell Golf Tour" with a group of his buddies, Claudia went to a wedding in WV, and the Bigham Bye-Bye Birthday Bash.

Sunday was our Falls Church baby shower. The church family there has been SO generous to us. I mean, last year around this time, they gave us a wedding shower, and now... a baby shower. We have been blessed by the churches hospitality, teaching, generosity, and friendliness. It is very hard leaving them.

Sunday night was our last time at Small Group. And it was the last Small Group at Brent and Kelli's.

And amidst all this busyness, we have been enjoying Gideon's growing awareness and personality. We enjoy making him smile. And there has even been a "fight" over Mom and Claudia taking him home with them tomorrow (Tues.) But... THEY WILL NOT WIN. :)

OH, and Claudia also brought a new monkey friend for Gideon. This monkey even came with a birth certificate. His name is "Twix D. Sheets" (a kin to our blog's name)

Enjoy the pics.



Tiffany said...

The photos are wonderful! Gideon looks so excited to meet his other aunt. (And Twix is one fine looking monkey!)

Congratulations on getting packed and getting prepared to head southward. We can't wait to have you guys around! (And the parents, too, when they come to visit.)

g-grandma Betty said...

Happy trip and I can see that Twix and Gideon are quite pleased with each other. G-grandpa says quit monkeying around with my g-grandchild!

The Emersons said...

He's beautiful Daisha, congrats!


Sign2Jill said...

Bye-bye! We are excited that blogging will continue to keep us in touch, despite the hundreds of miles.

Good luck!

Jill and Sam