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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Out and About.... On the Road

Playing with his rings... (beginning of trip)

Tired of traveling (end of trip)

Great-Grandparents (Sheets), Grandpa Sheets, Aunt Kelli, "Fun"cle Brent, Rachel, and us...

I'm such a big kid! (sitting in Rachel's Bumbo)

Grandpa Sheets and his grandkids...

Sorry that it's been a while since I posted. We've been on the road. On top of that, our computer had to be taken in to be repaired.

We went to Pidgeon Forge, TN the first weekend in July to see my parents and a group of their close friends. It was great to get away from our regular routine.

Everyone LOVED Gideon. And he was absolutely wonderful.

Oh, and before I forget... He had his one month check-up on the 30th of June. He weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. And was 22.5 inches long.

While we were in TN JR and I raced go-carts. And let's just say that I have learned a lot about driving living here in D.C. (and being exposed to NASCAR). My dad has pictures of me beating JR at every turn. :)

From TN we headed to Tallahassee to look for some housing. We were able to stay with the Yecke's. JR and I loved the town we will be moving to in a week and a half. (good thing, right?) And we found an apt. the first day we were there.

Then we headed back home to re-pack and head BACK to Pidgeon Forge for the Sheets family reunion. It was really nice being able to spend time with JR's family. I didn't get to know them very well at our wedding, so this was nice. And they got to meet both Rachel and Gideon.

We got home yesterday, and got our computer back today.

Our next week and a half here in VA are packed full of socializing with our friends, and ... packing. :) But I'll try to keep you, dear readers, (how's that for cheese?) up-to-date.


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g-grandma Betty said...

Daisha, JR, and Gideon,
Just love seeing our great-grandson through the pictures and hearing all about what is going on. We hope to see him in person one of these days. We love you and pray for each of you daily. We are also praying you will find a good home in Tallahassee.