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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Learning to live on my couch...

I was so excited last week about getting to go to the ball game. JR and I planned it since we first heard the O's were coming to RFK. However, I didn't get to go.

Friday, after getting my hair cut (thank you, ladies, for all your comments about how cute it looks short), I sat on Kelli's couch drinking water. JR and I planned a date night. The plan was to eat at Potbelly's and then watch the DaVinci Code.

Well our tickets to the movie were for 6:45. But we got to the theater at 6:30, hadn't eaten, and there was not a parking spot to be found. So I exchanged the tickets for the next available show: 10:15. JR drove around the parking lot for 30 mins. while I waited at Potbelly's. But still there were no spaces.

So we headed to Panera. We took our time, then sat in the car listening to the O's/Nats first game on the radio. We tried 3 different times to find parking at the theater before we finally got a spot.

The movie was "OK". I'd read the book and JR hadn't. But the purpose of this post is not to review the movie. So I won't.

I was just excited about being out on a date.

But when the movie was over (1:00 am), I looked down at my feet and instead saw tree-trunks. My legs were swollen all the way up to my knees. Walking down the stairs felt like fire was flowing through my veins instead of blood.

JR ran to the car and brought it around so I could put my feet up. And then once we got home, he rubbed my feet and tried to get the extra fluid to move out of my feet and ankles. But they didn't go down.

When we woke up Saturday morning, we both decided that it would be best (not what either of us wanted, but best) if I didn't go to the game. So Saturday I JUST sat on my couch and drank water.

The O's ended up losing anyway, so... I'm reminding myself of that.

Sunday, I did go to church and then instead of sitting on MY couch drinking water all day, I sat on Sammie and Jill Young's couch surrounded by people. (a little break in the monotony)

Today we have another appointment at 2. I'll post another update after we get back.


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Katie Johnston said...

Hey sweet girl!! Just thinking about you. I love you and can't wait to see Gideon when he arrives. I will be praying for you in these last few days/weeks.