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Monday, November 26, 2012

October 21-31

October 21:
Another busy, good Sunday.  In addition to teaching Children's Worship, Bible Class, Dynamic Marriage, and presenting on Scotland, I took a few minutes to snap some photos of Whit.  (the grandson of the family we are living with)

October 22:
I have no record of this day.

October 23:
(or of this one)

October 24:
Naomi decided that she wanted to bring "Lucy" in the car on the way to church Wednesday night.  So she got in the car and buckled them both in.
This photo was taken seconds before she spilled a whole bottle of water in her lap (which made it look like she'd peed everywhere).  :)

October 25:
David Himes gave JR and me a "Personalasis" test that is based on your personality in 3 different modes.  We went over the results on the 25th.  Some of the stuff that came to light, we've known, but never known how to verbalize it.  It was really interesting to see how different situations bring out different parts of our personalities and strengths (or weaknesses).  We appreciated David sharing this resource with us as we prepare to go into mission work where the "lines" between work-mode, social-mode, and home-mode get blurred.

After picking Naomi up from school, we worked on her custom bumble-bee costume.  She didn't like any of the store-bought bumble-bees... so we made hers from scratch.

OH!  Check out the license plate we saw!
(Battle Cat!)

October 26:
Naomi drew this picture of her LaLaLoopsy...
Here's the play-set she was drawing from memory...

October 27:
We did fall-ish things... like carving pumpkins!

Gideon's school was not having a costume party, so they had a pumpkin costume parade instead.  The pumpkins could not be carved, so we painted his.  Naomi did one too.
Here's our family pumpkin...

October 28:
JR and the men he took to Peterhead (Phil, Rick, and Jon) presented about their trip to the congregation.
I knew that JR was planning on closing the presentation with stories and photos of the people we love and LONG to work with in Peterhead.  I was steeling myself up for not crying through that part.  However, I WAS NOT prepared for a running slide-show of loved ones on the screens through the whole presentation.  From the first moment I looked up on the screen and saw Maureen, it was all over for me.  I sat on a pew by myself and cried the entire service.  God is doing such amazing things in Peterhead and in Fairfax.  HE has brought this partnership together.  And, even though I haven't always understood HIS timing, I can see His providence in how He is doing things.

It was 10 years ago next month that I traveled to Peterhead for 2 weeks by myself to see if God would allow me to work with the Strachans.  And God showed me that a FAMILY was needed.  As a single girl, I was devastated that God was saying "not now".  For 10 years I have been praying for the work going on in Peterhead.  And I am overwhelmed by God's faithfulness and His provision!

Then JR pointed out to the entire audience that I was crying the whole time! :)

October 29:
The kid's schools were cancelled in preparation for SuperStorm Sandy.  We enjoyed the day off and the extra family time. :)

For dinner we went over to the Gulick's.

October 30:
Another day off school... So G had a play-date with Jackson.

October 31:
This was the busiest Halloween I have ever had!

We got everyone ready for school.  G rode the bus and I dropped N and JR off at the church building.
Naomi got to wear her costume to school.

Then I went and bought the snack for G's party and took it to his school.  Then I drove back to N's school for her Halloween Parade.

I got there a little early and caught them playing some games...

 This is Dominic.  Naomi likes his curly hair... and he always made it a point to bring a gf snack that Naomi could eat. ;)
Now for the parade of costumes... (Naomi DID NOT want me to take her photo.  Despite her sour expression, she loved being the line-leader.)

This is Naomi with her friend, Rachel.  Rachel is a hoot!

After the parade, JR, Naomi, and I ate at Pei Wei, and then headed back to the building where I was scheduled for a Mary Kay Make-over with one of the elder's wives.

We took so long (to make me beautiful) that I almost missed G's pick-up time.  Luckily, JR was able to go get him while we finished up.

Then the family headed home to get ready for Halloween.

One of our neighbors hosted their 3rd annual Pizza Party before trick-or-treating.  We were delighted to be invited.
(G did not arrive in costume.)
After G was finished eating, I got him ready in his Ninjago costume.

His costume was a huge hit.  There were several ninja... but NO mini-fig Ninjagos. :)

Here is the inspiration for the costume:
Here are the close-ups of his costume:

Here are the photos from the night...

 This is G with his friend, Carson.

 My kids... ready for treats...
 By the 2nd house, G lost the LEGO feet.  :)

 Getting candy from Mr. Fred...
 G was having trouble seeing...
 So I put on the head.
 My boy!
The goods...

We had a great, family time!

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