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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week in Review--2 week edition {April 22-May 2}

Whoa!!!  Slow down, life! 

April 22:  Worship service was such a blessing on this Sunday morning.  The song service, the lesson... they all re-enforced the conversations that JR and I had been having the previous week.

April 23:  Homeschool, laundry... catch up on house things...

April 24:  This Tuesday was a full day.  I dropped the kids off at school and hung out in that area of town while I waited to go back and take photos of the preschoolers outside.  (Last week... and I forgot to blog about... I took photos of the preschool indoors.)

Here are some of my favorite shots of the fun MY kids were having at recess...

Naomi just came out and RAN around for a few minutes before she and her friend, Stella, landed on the see-saw. :)

After I took those photos, I brought the kids home with me (since I didn't want to drive back and forth so much).  They LOVED that I brought them home early.

I had a photo session with a lovely family that used to live on campus with us.

April 25:  Instead of our normal Handwriting for school, G wrote all the thank you notes for his birthday gifts.  (all by himself)

The weekly HST soccer game was eventful.  JR planted his cleat in the ground and his knee bent backwards! 

Grace Crossing had a special Wednesday night Worship service that we were blessed by being a part of as well.  Also, while we were there, Adam Risinger (a PT) checked out JR's knee.  He gave us a preliminary diagnosis of "torn ACL".

April 26:  Naomi had a "Make-up" Game...

Naomi actually scored a goal.  And while I was cheering from the side-lines, I noticed that she was crying.  JR thought she was crying because her first kick connected with the ball and her second kick wiffed it.  She was devastated and I was cheering about her scoring.  But when we got her home she said that one of the other team's players was the one who scored the goal.

April 27:  She had her final game the next night.

 Some of our friends came to cheer Naomi on:

Ana Randolph

Clint and Gerilyn Burnett

I love how comfortable G is in conversing with adults.

 Naomi got some private coaching from "Daddy".

And, since it was the last game, there were trophies and photos.

April 28:  Saturday morning started out with G's last game (for him) of the season.
 He did pretty well as goalie!

April 29:  We headed to worship service. 

Do you ever have the hiccups at really bad times?  I don't even remember when the last time I had hiccups was... but Sunday morning I had them bad!  In fact... at one really quiet moment between verses of "Holy, Holy, Holy" (during communion) I hiccuped so loud that I'm sure everyone heard me!  Luckily we were sitting with the Parkhurts, who are always up for a laugh. :)

We came home to food ready in the crock-pot!  (I love it when I think ahead.) 

Since it was the last night of Kid's Community, I loaded up the kids and left JR home to study.

Our family enjoyed "Once Upon A Time" during cuddle-time.

April 30:  JR had his kneed checked out.  Before he left for the appointment, the family gathered around him and prayed over his knee.  When JR walked back in the door, I asked how it went.  He said, "Good."  And from another room Gideon exclaimed, "God healed him!!!"

We DO think that God healed him.  Wednesday night there was no "click" which indicates that it's torn... and after a weekend of praying, there was a click. :)

May 1:  The school year is racing to a close...  We are moving out of our place at the end of May, and between now and then we need to get rid of/sell everything that won't fit in our Camry.  So, I've been packing and sorting A LOT. :)

Walking through a clover field barefoot is not a good idea.  I got my second bee-sting (ever) the same way I got my first one:  I stepped on a bee.  (I think it's getting worse as the days go by.) :(

I also met with the bride and groom whose wedding I'm doing May 26th.

May 2:  Yesterday I did an end-of-year evaluation of G (based on the eval they use in Arlington, TN).  He did great!  And it gives me a better idea of what to focus on over our last few weeks in homeschool.

And... more cleaning, sorting, packing...

This weekend the fellas are joining the Mosier fellas at Talladaga for camping and racing.  Naomi and I will stay home.  I've been talking to JR about making sure he gets photos of the weekend. :)


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