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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Review{April 15-21}

There are so many things on our plate right now that I'm pretty sure that these blog posts are going to be what remind us of what was going on!

That being said, I'm not even sure I'm going to get all the days from this past week in order. :)

Early last week, after dinner, the kids and I broke it down to the iPod.

I snapped a pic of me and G together, and then he took a photo of me and Naomi.

G took this.  (unedited)

He also took this, but I cropped it.

One afternoon I walked into the house to find these sweet friends coloring together.

Another afternoon, Naomi and Sydney playing together on the lawn...

Later that evening we took a family walk and the King family joined us.
This is us getting ready...

Wednesday evening we put the kids to bed at 8 o'clock like normal.  An hour and a half later, G called down from the top of the stairs that he had read his entire Bible.  Because Gideon can read it without help from us, he's been carrying around his Rhyme Time Story Bible:  Toddler for a few weeks.  Apparently he started with the first story and read right through... while I watched TV.  (talk about showing me up!) :)

We are so proud of his desire to learn more about God and to be HIS. :)

Naomi had her first soccer game this week.  It ended up being in the light rain.
Here are some photos:

This is what Naomi did before and after the game... and what she wanted to do DURING the game too. :)

Saturday was a big day for us.

We woke up early for G's soccer photos.  (scheduled for 8:20... but we were the ONLY ones on the field at that time)
Here are the shots of us in the COLD morning, waiting for things to get going:

Gideon was a lot more focused on the game this week.  Here are some shots of the game:

 After Gideon's game we got ready for his birthday party.  His birthday is over a month away, but when I asked him who he wanted to invite, it was "all [his] friends on campus."  So we wanted to throw it before the semester ended.

Originally it was to be a RockStar Party... but that was replaced by a Star Wars Lego party.  (and if I hadn't put my foot down, at the last minute he would've changed it to "Angry Birds")

Here's the set-up:

Per G's request, the cake was blueberry with lemonade frosting.

And now on to the party... (which was dress-up... of course) ;)

This is Gideon's friend, Danny Duhan.

("Baby" Jade liked the wrapper.)

After the party, we met up with the Burchfields at Chick-fil-A.
 It's such a blessing to have friends (for the whole family) who can pick up right where we left off, even if it's been WAY too long since we last got together.

We had a full week.  And the school year wrap-up is in full swing.

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