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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week in Review {Feb. 5-12}

Last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  Some of you may remember that. :)  But... since we had been going busy leading up to it, we decided to stay in and just watch it as a family.

After I finished up posting last Sunday, I made JR his own batch of hot wings.  He didn't have to share them with anyone!
JR was really the only one watching the game.  And I didn't even watch the commercials.  Pretty perfect if you ask me.

Monday we got a special treat!  We met up with "Ms. Elizabeth" (Elizabeth Harville) and Easton at Chick-fil-A.  The kids have loved Elizabeth since we first moved to Memphis.  It was great catching up with her and getting to meet Easton.  He's a hugga bunch!

Tuesday, G was running a fever and well... I couldn't take N to school because I was pretty tied to the toilet myself. :(

Both of the kids were so disappointed to miss their out-of-the-home school.  I took the extra uninterrupted time at home to finish painting Naomi's new foot-locker from Keith.  We all LOVE the way it turned out.

Here are the close-ups of the name plates:

(You can't tell it from this shot because of my amber lighting in the dining room, but this plate is nickel.)
 I picked up about 50 paint swatches the other day and had Naomi pick out a color to go on the inside of her box.  She narrowed it down to a pale blue, funky purple, and a bubble gum green.  Since the blue on our walls was really close to the blue she picked out, I went with the paint I already had.

She always talks about how "beautiful" the foot-locker is.
We loaded it up with her toys.  I don't know if it's because the foot-locker is new or if this is just a better way to put away toys, but she and G have been really good about keeping their room clean this week.  (Let's pray THAT continues.)

Over the summer (in Scotland) I mentioned to my friend, Deborah, that people were charging a fortune for Waldorf dolls.  Well... Deborah made one.  And then fell in love with making them.

Out of the blue we got a package from her...

Naomi loves her!  She loves all the little handmade clothes.

The doll's name is "Joy-Anna".  This is perfect because one of Deborah's daughters close in age to Naomi is Anna Jane.

Every Sunday after church this summer, Naomi and Anna Jane were thick as thieves.

Now she has a little doll to remind her of her friend!

Thanks, Debs, for putting such love and attention into this doll!

Friday night I hosted a Shaklee party.  But... just to make it more of a Par-tay... I fixed dinner and we had a game night after the presentation.

We had over 20 people in our (packed) apartment.  I served Tortilla Soup and veggies and tortilla chips.

Gerilyn made glutten-free chocolate chip cookies.

Laura and Jared gave their schpeal on supplements, and then we played games.

(Did you know that for every $1 you spend on a nutrition supplement you are saving yourself $28 in medical expenses later on?  If you'd like a link to great supplements,  CLICK HERE.  For every $25 you spend, we get $25 to spend.  You will be saving yourself $700 in future health care expenses, and saving us $700!  Pretty sweet, right?)

Yesterday we made into an impromptu Family Day.
First off... this is one of the ways I always find my kids.

They play the Leapster together.  My mother-in-law asked if I wanted her to get us a second one so the kids would each have one.  And I told her that I LOVE that they have to share one.  Here are my reasons:
1.  Because they have to share, they have to work out HOW they are going to share.
2.  Having only one that is split between them means that they have less time to play on it.
3.  Having only one lets them work together on the games as well.  Gideon is able to help Naomi on some of the harder parts which pushes her ability level.  But this reinforces his knowledge as well as reminds him that he is an important part of our family.

This is one of my new soap-boxes, but... We have been blessed by having less.  We have been blessed by not having what other people in our "station of life" may have.  We know that in relationship to most people in the world, we are rich as Midas.  We have food, a roof over our head, clothing, beds, air-conditioning, heat... we even have TV, computers, iTouches, cell-phones (they don't get reception, but we have them)...  We are learning the lesson of focusing on what we DO have... not what we don't.

Ok, soap-box ended...

Family Day:  We headed out to Garibaldi's Pizza for lunch.  Gideon inhales the supreme pizza. :)

 In the restaurant, they have pinball machines.  I happened to have some quarters on me.

 Next we stopped by Walgreens to get the Valentine's the kids will hand out at school.  When we got home they both started on them.

Gideon did GREAT! Without complaining once! He addressed and signed all of his Valentines! I'm so proud of him. He DOES NOT like handwriting. And it's usually a struggle for us. But he was independent and great.

Naomi signed all her cards by herself.  I love seeing her cute handwriting.

By evening we decided to play a game.  The kids chose "Very Silly Sentences".  (The kids LOVE this game.)

 This is what a finished game board looks like.  It happens to be N's.  The kids have fun reading the cards and learning the parts of speech.  (Actually... since JR didn't pay attention in high school... he's learning the parts of speech too.) :P

 (Do you see where N has been biting her top and bottom lip?  I cannot keep enough cream on it to let the skin heal.  She's still stinkin' adorable, though.)

Well... that wraps up our week.  Coming up on Monday we have a web-cam chat with one of the churches we are hoping to partner with so that we can return to Peterhead.  Please continue to pray that the Lord works His mighty hand to bring glory to His Name as we seek to follow where He leads.

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