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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gideon is 5!!!

This post is LONG over-due. ☺ I had hoped to get it up within a week of G’s birthday, but this will have to suffice. (It’s still before his due date anniversary.) ;)

Gideon’s 5th birthday began like all his other days here in Scotland:

Breakfast in front of his new favorite TV station: CBeebies.


First up on our schedule was Mother’s & Toddlers at the church building. Gideon was by far the oldest child there, but he had fun taking care of the younger kids. He even asked one of our new friends, Lesley, if he could hold her 6 week old son, Arley. Gideon looked so big holding the baby!
His first birthday celebration happened at Mother’s & Toddlers. Ms. Grace presented him with a cake while everyone sang.


JR picked us up and drove us, as a surprise for Gideon to…


We ate lunch and opened G’s gifts from family at the McDonald’s.

Here's the LINK to the slideshow of his day.

This was followed up by a trip to BonBon’s, a candy store in Peterhead.


The kids were each given 1£ and made their choices and paid for the candy themselves.


Before our dinner with William and Diane Strachan, we headed home for some down time and to let Gideon play with his new toys. And to do his 5 Year Old Interview which I tried to upload here, but YouTube and Blogger won't let me upload it. :(

We headed out early for Inverugie so that I could take G’s 5 Year Portraits:

These were all taken at the Ugie beach. It is BEAUTIFUL at the mouth of the river Ugie, the North Sea, and beside a golf course.

Dinner at the Strachan’s was a FEAST! Ms. Diane made sure to have Macaroni and Cheese for the birthday boy, AND she had a present for him.

This is a photo of G modeling his gift from the Strachan’s.

In addition to having a lovely birthday dinner, we were treated to Sticky Toffee Pudding. JR LOVES this dessert.

But wait! There’s more! After dessert, Diane brought out a birthday cake with candles!

We headed back to our apartment to meet our landlady. She is lovely. When she asked Gideon how he felt about Peterhead, he told her he never wanted to leave!
After a Gideon-requested “Family Movie Night” where we watched one of the Star Wars films, G pulled his 5th birthday to a close in great expectations of his party the next day.


For Gideon’s party, we decided to head to Aden Park in Mintlaw. It was a great country house with lovely grounds. But now it is the ruins of a great country house with lovely grounds and a swing park. ☺

The weather was gorgeous, the company amazing, and the “costume” party a success!

We are so blessed by having so many people here in Peterhead all ready who love us. God is reminding us of the family we have all over the world through Him.


Hannah said...

Is G getting taller? He's looking so big! And wow, I don't think I've ever seen someone have that many birthday cakes. G racked up! :)

P.S. Love the pic of N posing in her princess costume on the picnic table bench.

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Deborah said...

What great pictures of a GREAT birthday celebration! Gideon is such a handsome boy. I know you are so proud of him!