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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inverugie Walk

Sunday afternoon was lovely. So, instead of having a Sunday afternoon nap, we headed out to Inverugie to walk around.

We parked our car at William and Diane Strachan’s home and headed out for an adventure. Hoping to get to the castle, but not turning the right direction, we walked through a field…

…beside the river…

…tromped through mud, and ended up back a the Strachans where Diane met us with fresh home-made scones.

Here’s the flickr slide-show of some of the photos.

It sprinkled on us 3 times while we were walking!

I love the photos of JR with the kids that I got, and G let me take some shots of just him. (I can’t believe that he’ll be 5 at the end of the week!)



Deborah said...

That picture of JR and Naomi on the log is INCREDIBLE! Totally a magazine shot.

Rachel E. said...

I love the pictures, they're beautiful. Your family is beautiful as well.