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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Tuesday

This morning Naomi and I walked to the grocery store.  She thought this was amazing. :)

But this afternoon we were able to head out to William and Diane Strachan's place for a visit.  They are in the process of wrapping up their photography business, but I got a great tour of their on-site studio and office.  What a set-up they have!  Plus, their lovely home is surrounded by beautiful landscaping, and near by are storybook bridges over a winding river, fields of grazing sheep, and (get this) castle ruins!  Could you ask for more as a photographer?  I think not!  If I were in a position to buy... I'd be set!

The visit was lovely.  Ms. Diane had enough to keep Naomi entertained. :)  And we even stepped outside for a bit (just in their yard) to get some photos in the beautiful day.



Look! A "Harding Swing"! William got the plans one time when he was over and made one for himself. It was like a little bit of home. We just missed Sydney sitting on it with Naomi.


She was having fun drumming on a log re-creating music she'd just learned from "The Jungle Book".

As I type this Gideon has just completed his last day of preschool and is preparing for his big program/graduation. We web-cammed right before Naomi went to bed. And Gideon's first question was, "Why is Naomi in her pajamas?" :)

I can't believe I'm missing his "first performance", but JR is taping it and my parents are heading over. So since we'll have video of it, we may get a chance to put it up on the blog.

Wednesday morning, JR and Gideon will head this way and Thursday morning we will pick them up from the Aberdeen airport.

We "canna weit".

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