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As a family of servants of God, we seek to Glorify Him by offering our lives as living sacrifices, being intentional about engaging people with Christ and the Gospel, and using the talents and training He has given us through grace to proclaim the Gospel of Grace to those near and far.

Monday, May 9, 2011


After finally being caught by the jet-lag, Naomi and I went to sleep at a semi-normal time last night and slept until 10!  We puttered around the Strachan's house for a bit and then were picked up by Michael Gaunt so he could drive us to Boddam for a visit with his lovely wife, Maureen.

Naomi and I spent a lovely afternoon with Maureen.  Her heart is full of love and service for others.  At a time of life when most women are learning to be content being served, Maureen is more active than most people I know, serving those around her.  I hope that I can soak up her example while I'm here.

I love the view from their front door:


The day was BEAUTIFUL!

After Michael took me back to the Strachan's, Naomi and I ate a quick bite and headed with the family to the Monday Night class.

The evening begins with fellowship/games.



As I got to meet some kids, I asked if I could take their photos. So, you can meet them too.

This is Abi.

These are sisters, Laurel and Chorus.

This is Nicole.

This is Ethian and Abi.

This is Chloe.

This is Owen who took me on a tour of his imaginary home.

When the play-time was over, we moved inside for the class time.


Billy had everyone try to copy down Hebrew from a screen to go along with a video he had that showed how scripture has been handled so that we know we have as close to the original as possible. (that's why everyone is concentrating so hard)


After the lesson, they talked about what that means to us in 2011. They had a chance to share about their week, and then after a prayer, they were allowed to buy some candy.


It is clear that all the children who come, as well as the teens who help, LOVE Monday night classes.

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