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Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Photos

We have not taken a family photo since we were in Jacksonville Beach back before we moved from Florida. I have TONS of photos of the kids and JR, but yesterday, I set up some shots, and one of our friends on campus played "remote".

Naomi made the conscious decision to NOT smile for the camera in protest that we weren't letting her play. (argh)

I've done some head-swapping to get these 3 photos. But, for now, it's a start...



Janay said...

Head swapping.... sometimes it's the ONLY way to get a good picture when kids are involved.
Beautiful family! :)

Deborah said...

What a beautiful family in front of a gorgeous fall "backdrop"!!

Hannah said...

I'm sorry there were frustrations...but your (edited) results look great. And I agree with Deborah, the fall colors are a perfect backdrop.

And don't feel too bad...Sam and I haven't had 'family photos' made since our Searcy shower in August of last year. I don't think I even took a single pic of our rent house from last year.