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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apparently we are in to "realism" with out costumes over here. Of course "Tony Stark" is just as much a part of G's costume as "Iron Man". And where would Tinker Bell be without her black eyeliner?

Happy Halloween!


Debra said...

G looks like his dad! And N is so beautiful, like her mom.

Anonymous said...

Love it, your kids are precious - and just think of it as you're teaching them who they are inside that counts, like I know that yall do :)
Jenn Goff Sale

Hannah said...

I still can't believe N sat still long enough for you to put the eyeliner on. :)

Thanks again for the hospitality last weekend. Sam and I really enjoyed our visit. And those almonds were a Godsend on the drive home Sunday afternoon/evening! Thank you!

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