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Monday, September 13, 2010

JR's 31st Birthday in Photos

Since JR and I had a HUGSR event to attend in the evening, Saturday morning we celebrated JR's birthday. The kids were SO excited!

We started with a breakfast where JR picked every item on the menu. Then we did gifts.

About 2 months ago Gideon exclaimed in the car that he KNEW what Daddy would love for his birthday. So for 2 whole months, Gideon has been planning on getting JR a "War Machine" face mask for their wrestle time.

Naomi was just as sure about what she wanted to get her daddy: 3 different bags of sour, gummy candies.


Since everyone is suffering from the new allergens in the air, we took it easy until cupcake time. (which took the place of lunch)

I figured out how to make Sour Patch Kid Cupcakes. Yum!

Happy Birthday to the best father I could imagine for our children and the man of my dreams! Mwah!



Debra said...

They sure love their daddy!

The Mosier Family said...

I love how you shoved all those candles into one cupcake! Hope the sour patch kids cupcakes turned out yummy, and that JR had a great day!!