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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chair Re-do

I've been looking at the same dark chairs (which are exactly the ones we wanted when we registered for them for our wedding) for 5 years. They are great and functional. We lend them out to friends when they are expecting company. Folding chairs have a lot of pluses.


However, I'm noticing a trend in my decorating that is taking me away from dark furniture to light.

I had a can of cream spray paint and scrap fabric...

So yesterday I transformed one of our 6 chairs into this:

This cute little chair has been pushed up to my desk area and I'm currently sitting in it.

If I had more spray paint, and a place to use it, I'd be tempted to re-do all my chairs. (and have different fabric for each one!)



Hannah said...

Looks great! Maybe you can do a chair a month. :)

The Mosier Family said...

I love that idea! I've been checking out fabric lately wanting to re-do our chairs...maybe I'll try a variety of fabrics. I can always count on you for some type of inspiration!