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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Celebration 4.2

Gideon has been celebrating his birthday in phases this year. Before my parents flew off to Greece for the summer, we met in Wynne for a b-day get-together/pick up children from their weekend visit, and now, we've celebrated with Grandma as well.


Debby got into town for her visit on Thursday evening and left this morning a little after 9. We had a great visit full of cuddles, laughs, shopping, Rendevous, Blue Coast Burrito, Build-a-Bear, JR's preaching/my singing, and G's 2nd 4th b-day celebration.

Here's the slide-show: (these photos are SOOC--straight out of camera)

And I took one of the photos of G as Iron Man and did this with it:



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Debra said...

Side note: The kids had fun making the cookies! I did, too! They did a great job.