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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bathroom Etiquette

I took Gideon to the women's bathroom at a bookstore during our adventures today. (Naomi was still reading books with G'ma.)

G carefully talked me through his locking of the stall and his preparations to use the facility. (The kid NEVER stops talking.)

All of a sudden G says:

"Momma! Who's that peeing?"

Me: "It's a public bathroom, Bud. Lots of people use this bathroom."

G: "Ask her her name!"

Lady-in-Stall: (a giggle)

Me: "Um... no. Bud, you don't do that in public restrooms."

Lady-in-Stall: (full out laughter)

G: "Why?"

Me: "We give people their privacy."

G: "Oh." (to the Lady-in-Stall) "Sorry!"

Lady-in-Stall: (through her laughter) It's OK!

G: "Momma! Did you just change your voice!?!"

Me: "No, Bud."

Lady-in-Stall: (guffawing)

I did notice, however, that she did not make eye-contact with me as she went to wash her hands. There is such a thing as bathroom etiquette after-all. :P



Elizabeth & Travis Harville said...

that is hilarious!!! i love his sweet personality! he would be best friends with everyone if he could!!

Jill said...

this made me laugh out loud! I think if we ever lived in the same town that Gideon and Jack would be really good friends! Jack ALWAYS wants to know the names of EVERYONE (even in bathrooms).