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Friday, April 23, 2010


Gideon has been running a fever and has a runny nose and cough.  We were up, just the two of us last night from 3:30 am to 4:30 am.  We read another chapter in his Justice League chapter book he picked out from the library.  We cuddled.  I stroked his feverish head.  And he talked so sweetly.  Whenever Gideon is sick, he's extra sweet.
After dinner to night I took a shower.  When I got out, I was met at the door by G, who was wielding JR's iTouch.  Gideon told me that he cued up "Momma's Song" ("Alone" by Heart) so we could sing it together.  So...  there we were, me in my towel, G with his runny nose, singing our hearts out in harmony into our hairbrushes.  Nice.
Tonight, to clear up space on my computer, I've been going through my old photos and deleting everything I don't think I'll use again.  (over 2,000 photos and counting)  But, while I was doing this, I ran across a photo from Naomi's birthday shoot that I never edited.  I guess I was too busy focused on the Heartsmiles hat, but I wish I'd seen this earlier.  Here's one of my new favorite photos of Naomi (and I took it back in February!).


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Deborah said...

I love the story about "Momma's Song"!

And, that picture is fabulous of Naomi!