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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Potty Training Update

So one month has gone by in the Naomi-Potty-Training adventure. Here's the update:

Naomi is doing great! Somewhere along the way she started telling us that she needed to pee! She still has a few accidents, and is known for sneaking up to play in her bedroom and pooping in her underwear, but other than that, I'd say she's pretty well day-trained.

She seems to have no control over her bladder when she is in deep sleep yet. I'm not worried about it at this point.

We were using the Patty Potty waterproof underwear for nap/nights, but they didn't keep the moisture away from her skin and she got a HORRIBLE rash. So, we broke down and bought what will hopefully be our only box of pull-ups. (We call them "Princess Night Underwear" and still tell her to keep it dry.)

Taking her places is not a problem. She will tell us if she has to go, and doesn't mind going on foreign toilets, or without her special seat. This is HUGE to me!

We are very proud of how big she is. She is getting very independent.

Even though the "3-Day-Potty-Training" e-book I bought didn't deliver all of it's promises, it did force us to quit diapers once and for all. I can't help but wonder if I had thrown G's diapers away when I first tried to train him, if he would've been out of diapers a full 7 months before he was. (Yikes! I just worked that out to be about $280 that we could've saved.)

I LOVE not having to change diapers anymore!!!

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April said...

Hooray! Sounds like potty training is coming along nicely. Congrats to you all. That is a huge milestone. :)