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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joe and Michael's Birthday Party

We headed back to Searcy this past weekend to celebrate Joe and Michael's birthdays. Gideon was so excited to see his friends again. And the whole family had a great time out at the farm.

Since Cassie was taking photos of the whole party, I just focused on my kids. Here's a few pics I'll pull out of the slide-show to highlight.

My big kid was so excited. This is one of the few shots I got of him holding still all day.

Unfortunately, Naomi seems to have inherited my allergies. After spending all day outside (and in hay) her allergies were in full-swing. So I have put her on a daily dose of Claritin (for kids). She loves it and will ask for it by name.

Naomi was fearless when it came to the animals. She walked right up to them and led the kids into the goat pen.

This photo cracks me up. Can't you just imagine him as an Irish Retriever smelling something in the air? :)

This is the "UNcuddle". Chad was getting Naomi out of the way of a game the men-folk were playing.

This is Naomi's new thing that she started Saturday: crossing her arms.

I'll let you look through the slide-show at your leisure.

It was a really fun party. The whole family had a great time out in the fresh air. And it was so good to see the kids playing with their friends.

Since my blog is my journal... I'll add in this about Sunday.

Sunday morning, JR and I were able to serve the body at Grace Crossing during their communion time. JR read from Isaiah, then he wove scripture into the song "The Power of the Cross" (by Keith Getty) while I sang. After I finished the last chorus, he concluded with Romans 8. The congregation started applauding the TRUTH that was proclaimed through the scripture. Their emotion and applause shook me to the point that I cried during the repeat of the last chorus. But I believe everyone was blessed by the experience. I know JR and I were.

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Brett, April, Caden & Corban said...

Does the bottom lip come out when she crosses her arms? If so, we know this pose well at our house with Corban. So cute...