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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We begin our year in a brand new state... "brand new state!... OOOOh-K-lahoma..." (wait, that's not right)

We have all the boxes unpacked and curtains hung. We ARE, however, missing a box for the kitchen which has our silverware and cutting boards... so cooking/eating is interesting. Hopefully, we'll figure out which parental home we've left that box in and be able to get it soon.

The kids LOVE their new room. G feels like such a big kid in the top bunk. And he and Naomi both call out to each other make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

This townhouse is the perfect size for the amount of stuff we have left after all the moves in 2009. And we have no plans to leave it any time soon. :)

JR's classes start on Monday (he is really pumped about them). And when Naomi's shipment of water-proof (reusable) underpants come in the mail, we'll start pottty training. (will you join me in prayers for patience?) :P

We are reading through the Bible as a family this year. And I am back on the weight-loss wagon. So I've been thinking of 2010 as a year to work on self-discipline.

Enjoy your new year!

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