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Monday, November 16, 2009

Look! A Picture of Me!

Yesterday, in association with a gift, I needed to have my picture taken. So I threw the kids in too! I mean, I have 2 (T.W.O!) pictures of me with both of my kids. (one from the hospital and one from last mother's day... which was taken with a phone)

So, here is the newest pic of me with my kids (and my new haircut... but you can't really tell what that looks like from this pic). And I didn't even throw it into photoshop. I'm trying not to be paranoid. :)


Can you tell G is saying "Cheese" and deliberately NOT looking at the camera? :)


Megan said...

I love Naomi's face. What a happy little girl. :) And yes, I can tell Gideon is saying "cheese." Don't you love the fake-smile stage.

Deborah said...

Okay, I LOVE this picture!

Sometimes I'll just turn the camera on myself and whichever kid I'm with...and snap!

Gideon looks so much like JR, and Naomi looks so much like you.

Kim Hodges said...

Cute, cute. Always worth it to turn the camera around every now and then!