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Monday, November 9, 2009

Gideon's First Field Trip

Last week Naomi and I joined G on his first field trip. The slide-show will follow, but first a few "mom-highlights".

-G spontaneously walked up to the owner of the farm and said, "Thank you, Ms. Ruth!" (so proud of him!)
-Naomi was an awesome listener. She followed the directions like the big kids and was just superb.
-Of his own free will, G shared some of his cookie icing with Naomi. He let her lick some off of his finger. (2 times) The other moms around him all "ahhh-ed" and asked if he was always that thoughtful.
-At one point N took off for the distant tree branches on the ground and G's whole class followed her. (and Libby's little brother, Marcus who is N's age) I found it odd that a 21 mon-old was leading a class of 3 yr. olds. :)

Here's the slide show!

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