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Monday, August 31, 2009

Prayers for the Week

This is copied from our Prayer Support blog. I thought I'd post it here too. After slacking during the busy part of the summer, I am recommitted to posting on that site every Monday.

Thanks for your prayers over these aspects of our lives!

We are adding new things every week to our "To Do" list here in Searcy.

Last night, in addition to teaching the university class at Downtown on Sunday mornings, he also had some responsibilities at the evening communion service.

I have started my work with the Children's directing in the Harding Homecoming musical.

Which means, that we have hit the point where we are passing each other and the kids off. In fact, yesterday our schedules and meetings over-lapped. But we are blessed to be living with multiple family members who were willing to watch them in our absence.

Gideon has his "preview" day of preschool this Thursday. He'll be really excited about it when I mention it to him.

As you can tell, we are busy and adjusting. Last night, JR said, "I've never worked so hard and gotten paid so little!" It's true. But it's also amazing to see how God is providing for us. He is good.

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Tiffany said...

What's the musical this year that it needs a Kiddos' Director? (And congratulations on getthing the job!)