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Monday, August 24, 2009

2 Weeks

We moved to Searcy 2 wks. ago today... and this morning was spent in Dr. Dan's office getting shots and antibiotics for the entire family. We are ALL allergic to Searcy.

Gideon has it the worst with a double ear/sinus infection. But he's hasn't made a big deal about feeling bad, so we thought JR had it the worst. He has a sinus infection and his voice is 2 octaves lower than normal. Naomi has a mild version of what G has. And I have my normal "Searcy Health" (waking up every morning with a headache) I think I staved off most of the symptoms b/c I have been taking OTC (generic) Zyrtec.

But we got hooked up today so hopefully we are on the mend.

I keep promising to get pictures up here, but never do... I might just scrap the whole "summer picture" thing and go on from here. :)



Kim Hodges said...

I think Johnathan's allergic to Searcy, too. Every time we go he he gets a runny nose and usually a fever at some point! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Michael and Hannah said...

Okay, so my blog reading time is sporadic at best these days, but I had no idea you were moving to Searcy... did you move for a job or for school or for family or all of the above??