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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh, I forgot...

The thing that sent me to the computer to type up thing about Gideon last night was his bed-time rituals. And I totally forgot to write about them! (I'm rolling my eyes at myself.)

After cuddle-time as a family on our huge couch, I put Naomi in her bed and JR and Gideon hit the toilet one last time. Then we meet back up on Gideon's bed. A light is one in one corner of the room. We make sure Gideon has his "piddow" (pillow) and his sword.

Gideon prays and then we all 3 start singing "God is Bigger Than the Boogie-man". However, lately, Gideon interjects "Here's a sword!" as he thrusts his plastic weapon heaven-ward.

So... Gideon is offering his sword to God to fight off the Boogie-monsters.

It's pretty funny.

And it reminds me to let go of my fears and hand over the feeble weapons I use to keep my own "monsters" at bay. God IS bigger, and He IS watching out for you and me. (or "you and ne" as Gideon sings it)

(I've got another one of these kinds of posts coming up about Naomi and I KNOW I'm going to forget things.)

1 comment:

Micheal said...

Just so you know... I'm totally going to use Gideon's sword story in a sermon.

If Hewson is born on the 27th he'll have one more thing in common with Gideon- Micheal as a middle name.

Except... you know you spelled it the "trendy" way right? kidding!