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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Gideon Update

Gideon's monthabirthday was Friday. So I thought I'd give a little update about the craziness that is G-dawg these days.

-He is fully potty-trained (he sits instead of stands right now). And it's awesome!!! Sometimes I don't even realize that he's used the restroom.

-He sings all the time. Right now he sings "In the Lord's Army" over and over and over. However, he changes the word "artillery" to whatever he thinks of at the time. But "shoot the birds" is always in the list.

-Puzzles were THE THING last month, but not so much this month.

-Gideon's vocabulary is growing exponentially. He tells Naomi she's being ridiculous ("re-dic-o-us"). He says, "I have a question." And while we were in Searcy, he started peppering the phrase "my entire life" throughout his serious speeches. Oh, he just got out of bed, came around the corner and said, "'Scuse me, guys..."

-He is always re-inacting the movies he enjoys. So it is not uncommon to hear, "I have no future!" (from "Meet the Robinsons") or, "I LOVE my family!" (from "The Incredibles"... which is better than the other quote he was saying from the movie when "Dash" doesn't like being around his family)

-A few weeks ago Gideon started talking about his first imaginary friend. "Joshua" was amazingly detailed. I asked G open-ended questions and found out that "Joshua" looked like Daddy, but was brown. He had green eyes and a green shirt. Red pants and purple shoes. He is seven years old. "Joshua" also likes to play cars just like Gideon. I asked Gideon about "Joshua" a few days later, and found out that "Joshua" had changed his shirt.

-Gideon mimics everything I do with Naomi. Well... he doesn't change her diapers. Maybe I should work on that. :) He will love on her and keep her safe, think of things that will make her happy, and most commonly... scolds her. But he continues to be a great big brother.

-He is alot like JR when it comes to intentional education. If G thinks that I'm trying to teach him something or see what he knows, then he just gives funny answers and frustrates me to no end. But, I can sneak things in once in a while. He knows most of his alphabet by sight now. And he will point out letters he knows and tell me other things that starts with that letter.

-JR has Gideon count to ten forward and backward.

-This kid LOVES to go to church. He loves everything about it. And he walks right up to people, greets them, and gives them a hug as he makes his way to Bible class or Children's Church.

-Gideon's prayers these days are beautiful. He always thanks God first for food, even when there is none around. But he includes the people who are around. And he will remember the lessons he has learned throughout the day and pray about those things. (ie: help me be gentle to Nonnie)

-Gideon continues to be a great kid. He is well-behaved and sweet. We love our quirky, imaginative boy.


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Kelli said...

we love him too!! can't wait to see you all again!