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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

4 years ago, JR and I scored some primo seats for Bush's 2nd Inauguration. (Thanks, Sammie!)

We had a great time there, hob-nobbing with the high-ups. Ok, so we didn't hob-nob with them. They were up above to be seen. Our seats were right where we are standing in the aisle.

This inauguration I watched on tv while cuddling Gideon. I was asking him to name the colors of the people's scarves. For a while, he kept asking me where the "purple people" were. (G.H.W. and Barbara Bush) And after they were annoucing all of the former presidents, Gideon asked, "Where's Obama?"

It surprises me how aware this kid is. We don't really talk about the Obama's in front of the kids. Actually, since JR has started working towards his MDiv, what energy he spent on politics has transferred to his studies. Maybe it was all the media coverage (and we ONLY get PBS and CBS)... but my 2 1/2 year old knows who our 44th president is.

No matter your political bent, today our country successfully transitioned to a new leader and no blood was shed. And that's pretty cool.

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