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Monday, January 19, 2009

Hold on tight, cuz I'm finishing up the last week in Europe

I'm tired of dragging this out, so I'm going to rely heavily on the slide-shows for the details of the rest of our European Adventures...

Here we go!

December 27, Saturday (Gideon's monthabirthday)

Gideon and Rachel stayed at home to play with Grandma for the day.

While they were having fun back in Berlin, Brent, Kelli, Simon, JR, Naomi, and I went to Dresden.

December 28, Sunday (my 29th birthday)

Due to the sickness that was going around, Debby stayed home to take care of Kelli. Since Simon stays with Kelli, he stayed home too. But the rest of us headed to church. (It was in German.) JR and I were so proud of the way that Gideon behaved. He didn't understand a word spoken, but bowed his head for the prayers and sat still. While there we got to meet Brent and Kelli's friends that we've been hearing about for the past few years. It was nice to finally be able to meet them.

After services, Brent took Rachel and Gideon back to the house and JR and I ventured out on our own.

I had a killer headache for several hours, but that was the only draw-back to the whole day. Here's our slide-show to give you an example of where all we went.

December 30, Monday

Well, since we were heading out the next day, the kids and ladies stayed at the house and did laundry and packed, while the guys headed to German History Museum and several other places.

Here's the pictures taken while we were at home with the kids:

And here's the slide-show of what the guys saw. (Sorry we aren't providing much information about the pictures.)

December 31, Tuesday (with a some pictures from the night before)

Heading home...
We left wicked early in the morning. Kelli dropped us off at the airport and we were away.

I don't remember much about the first flight due to how early it was. But we had a fairly fine time in the Amsterdam airport again. We finally got a luggage trolley for keeping up with all our coats and bags, which was handy. Naomi and Gideon got to walk around a lot... and then it was time to fly back to the states.

Our set-up on the plane coming home wasn't quite as nice as it was going, but we did end up with 2 extra seats that really helped out with trading off kid duties and allowing all the adults to get SOME rest.

There were so many kids on our flight. But our two literally were the best behaved. They make us so proud. The 2 1/2 year old boy flying right behind Gideon cried non-stop for the last 30 min. of the flight because the pilot turned off his movie for landing. The father looked across the aisle at me and said, "Flying with a 2 1/2 yr. old..." I really wanted to say, cheerfully, "Oh, my son is 2 1/2 too!" But I didn't.

The flight attendants talked to us about how good our kids were. :)

When we were going through customs in Atlanta, the officer needed to see Gideon's face to compare with his passport. And without being prompted, G walked back a few paces, posed, and said, "Cheese!" (I guess he finally got the hang of it.)

Here are the shots from coming home.

And if you are still reading this post... congratulations to you. If you kept up with all of our Christmas travels, then you have now viewed more than 500 of the 1403 pictures that we took between our 3 cameras. (I kid you not, people.)

If you missed any of our travels, check out the "European Christmas 2008". Start with the last post and work your way back up.

(Now my posts can be about 2009!)

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